Field of Expertise
Fruitful Experience

Shopping Centers
All kind of shopping centers including: Lifestyle, Super-Regional, Regional, Power, Neighborhood, Fashion-specialty, Theme-Festival, Outlet and Value.
Mixed-Use Retail Properties A synergistic mixture of different functions, including residential, shopping, entertainment and office space.
Destination Shopping Properties Memorable places where people are attracted and encouraged to shop, explore, enjoy and come back.

What We Do

Our constantly-evolving skills base reflects the diversity of both our clients and our staff. Whatever the challenge, we have the expertise and resources to resolve it.

Research We do comprehensive research, finding the latest and greatest information regarding subjects relevant to the client’s project. We can identify the trends and explore the issues that are of greatest concern to businesses and business leaders.

Analysis Planning, creating and positioning retail property requires examination from different angles: that of consumers and retailers, as well as an analysis of current trends, urban, architecture and design aspects. The process results with directions on how to meet critical requirements and how to optimize planning and development of the project. The key point is to satisfy clients, customers and environmental needs in the best possible way.

Studies The combined information from research, analysis and strategies will create the comprehensive material for studies.

Strategies Strategy is a company's game plan for winning. We help clients incorporate a long-term perspective into their strategies, while focusing on the current retail project. Creating a sound mission and vision statement is the first step in building strategies that will help clients to reach their full potential.

Presentation and Promotion The key factor in selling a project to the government, clients and related parties is good marketing material. We can help you to create a presentation with lasting impact.

Project Management We can assist our clients to establish a competent and proactive team; putting in place the organization, procedures and systems to monitor and control the project from its preliminary phases to construction.

We can help you to create excited, vibrant and memorable retail centres where people will shop, enjoy themselves and come back.


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