Downtown Development
Development Study - Croatia

New City Commercial centre 300,000 m2 of new mixed use development on 10 Ha land in the heart of the city port adjacent to the 1700-year-old Roman Palace of Diocletian.

The related town is the second most important Croatian tourist city on the Adriatic Coast with a population of 200,000 and more then three million visitors per year. Split is not only the urban, cultural and traffic centre of Dalmatia, with road and sea connections to numerous summer resorts, but it is itself a large tourist destination. A city with a 1700-year old tradition, a variety of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, among which the well-known Palace of Diocletian, which is inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The project started with numerous researchers to investigate elements for potential future urban development. The research was divided in three main areas: Site (site capacity, configuration, traffic, public transport facilities, environment issues, character of adjacent areas),  Retail Market (retail demand, demographics and psychographics), and Urban Context (historical and architectural context including zoning limitation, regulatory codes and utility infrastructure).

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CHALLENGE: Find urban guidelines for preliminary initiation of the master plan

APROACH: Research and analyze the site, retail market and urban context.

RESULT: Research elements are synthesized into urban guidelines and preliminary estimated urban functions for the new development as part of an economic regeneration program for the city.
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