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  Destination Retail is a concept of attracting tourists to the shopping experience. Tourist destinations and resorts are the places where this concept works best. An oversight at the one of the most prominent American cities, Las Vegas, will show you insight into the industry’s leading shopping malls. What is The Best? The Most Innovative? The Greatest? The Most Expensive? How did they do it? Where were these concepts originated? What is the influence of the charismatic Las Vegas iconography? What is the financial impact on sales? Who are leaders and what is next big thing in shopping centers? This study analyzes the urban plan layout including architectural and design concepts of four most prominent players on Las Vegas Strip. The results are supported by dozens of high quality images, charts and plans. The study shows how the Las Vegas experience in Destination Retail can be converted or scaled down to suit retail properties al around the globe. The case studies show successful projects in the U.S., Saudi Arabia, France and New Zealand.

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CHALLENGE: Find the key attraction elements and creation methodologies for the Destination Retail Shopping format.

APROACH: Research and analyze the best North American practices. Marketing and Architecture on site evaluation.

RESULT: Comprehensive presentation with guidelines which can be incorporated into different scales of retail projects to attract and retain customers, enlarge sales and multiply shareholders value.
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