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Waterfront Development Opportunities
Concept Analysis - Toronto, Canada

Creation of new opportunities for future development
Interconnection of different functions in a unique way
Retail and entertainment hub
Environmental advantages
Extended financial benefits

  A bold new approach is needed to solve some of downtown Toronto urban development restrictions. The desire to expand and embrace the waterfront area is restricted by traffic arteries. The Gardiner Expressway should be repositioned and reconnected in a different way with the existing main urban network. Analysis shows that there will be enough urban infill space to satisfy current and future needs. The repositioning will create new nodes of dense urban structures. This will open possibilities for the complete restructuring of existing functions.

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CHALLENGE: Find economical solutions for current restrictions in waterfront development and expend long-range possibilities.

APROACH: Track the best urban design theories regarding future world-wide waterfront development. Analyze the best examples. Compare relevant data with the current location.

RESULT: Synthesized data into strong project guidelines. Preliminary pre-development evaluation. Finalized projected economic data and presentation.
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