Hotel Redevelopment Strategy
Study and Presentation - Croatia

Heritage Connection
Mediterranean charm
New demanding functions
Revamped branding as a exclusive entertainment, new fashion and shopping hub

  One of the oldest hotels in city located in east side of old port with direct access to the sea has a beautiful vista on the town riva. The hotel can no longer support the high demand for tourism due its age. The priority is to find the right formula for redeveloping which will address sensitive integration into adjacent heritage neighborhood and array of new function. There is a need to form a new downtown entertainment and fashion hub. The pre-development feasibility evaluation study has to set the right development direction. There is also an issue with the government regulatory body regarding zoning and new proposed extension. All data has to be processed and the final study material converted into powerful presentation for the client.

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CHALLENGE: Analyze and envision a redevelopment strategy to blend requirements for new tourism and charm of old Mediterranean town.

APROACH: Research all relevant data for a pre-development evaluation of the project. Special attention was carried on heritage connection. Branding new hotel shopping court was considered.

RESULT: Finalize data into sound presentation report showing feasibility of the project and new envisioning of the hotel brand.
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