Cutting Edge Architecture in Retail
Presentation - Phoenix, U.S.

The ever-changing world of inventing
Is Architecture the fashion?
Consumers profile
Where is the hot button?
The magic of “new”
The Vision
Project profile and financing impact
Is the “new” expensive?

  Consumers drive retail development. Their behavior is propelled by personal needs and influenced by marketing, fashion and current trends. Due to the breadth of these needs and influences, it is a challenge to make a retail environment that stands out, is unique and makes a positive impact on consumers. Retail designs must be impressive and innovative, yet they must also make consumers feel at home. The retail environment needs to translate into a “my place” environment. These results can be realized through the use of cutting edge architectural techniques and concepts. Exercising the architectural space of a retail environment as a current fashion statement, and employing the architectural concept of mixing functions and services in an unexpected way will highly engage consumers. They will identify with the current trends, recognize the unique identity of retail space (branding) and sense excitement (entertainment), which will ultimately result in increased visitor and sales figures.

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CHALLENGE: Identify relationships between cutting edge architecture and retail investments

APROACH: Analyze state of the art architecture techniques.

RESULT: The study shows that good design is good business. Cutting edge architecture is used by retailers as a marketing tool for extending the impact of branding and has significant financial return.
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